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Seduction Of Vacuum Tube Amplifier
The superior quality of Vacuum Tube Amplifier has always been recognized and given compliments by Professional Musicians, Mistral, Record Artists, Music Commentators and Professional Audio Engineers because of its unique structural construction.


As according to Experts: “The perfect combination of Vacuum Tubes , High Efficient Power Supply Transformer and Stable Audio Output Transformer achieve significant improvement on audio sound re-production.” Vacuum Tube Amplifier is found absolutely suitable for suppressing and neutralizing the annoyed “Rigid & Artificial” feelings generated from Digital Medias like: CDs, DATs, MDs…etc…

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Besides, it also reproduces superb audio quality, especially in terms of Ambience, Hall depth effects, Instruments separation, Human voice and Harmonics. The reproduced music sounds natural and smooth. That's “The Seduction of Vacuum Tube Amplifiers”

The LEO Group of Companies have been in the electronics field for over twenty years, have developed a range of Hi-End Vacuum Tube Amplifiers and Professional Speakers Systems at very affordable price. Why not find out by yourself and enjoy the natural sound of music now.